3 B2B E-Commerce Trends That Every Webpreneur Should Know About

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Evolution is a universal phenomenon. Sending emails evolve to e-mail. Social media is making text messaging an outdated practice. The advancement in technology is transforming customers’ service provision through the introduction of chatbots. Also, the profitability of a company is no longer on the size of the physical stores it owns. Rather, its ability to be visible online. The B2B e-commerce is not left out in the changes.

As a webpreneur focusing on this niche, you must ensure your venture is paying attention and at par with the prevailing trends. Otherwise, failing will be part of your business. To ensure you remain ahead, here are three trends that will transform the B2B e-commerce platforms in 2018 and beyond:


The desire for customers to receive services tailored to them is a norm in the business world. Customers are seeking service providers who will recognize them with their names. Also, they want offers designed for them alone. This aspect is not a trend in the B2C niche alone. As a B2B webpreneur, you must ensure your customers are receiving personalized services.

Hence, as you look for a B2B e-commerce platform to anchor your business, you should ensure it allows you to achieve the personalized goal. Remember, the virtual customers expect to receive equal services as they would in a brick and mortar option. As such, it is your role to ensure you prioritize personalization in your B2B online storefront.

Mobile e-commerce

The next trend that will transform the way B2B ventures operate is the mobile commerce. Unlike previous decades, the number of smartphone and other mobile devices is increasing. Also, these devices are no longer tools of fantasy and meme sharing. Today, businesses, as well as consumers, are using the mobile devices to shop online and to run businesses.

In this essence, you must ensure your B2B site complies with this requirement. Having a B2B e-commerce platform is the first step. You must ensure your platform is both responsive and optimized for the mobile devices.

Multichannel selling

Unlike olden days, having an e-commerce site does not guarantee you ultimate success. Your ability to reach out to your potential customers at their meeting point is the secret to achieving this objective. Thus, Multichannel selling is now the profitability secret that every business must discover. Regardless of whether you are selling products to consumers or other businesses you must cast your nets wide. Investing in social media marketing, an online marketplace, and your store is not an exception. Thus, you need to ensure your B2B e-commerce platform allows you to integrate multiple channels.

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